Social activities

Meeting other students, making friends, practising your English and having fun are as important as learning English in the classroom.

Each week we run activities, which are:

  • Coffee and Conversation – Each Wednesday at 2:45pm we run a Coffee and Conversation Club. This is held at a local coffee shop, where students can buy a coffee, and talk to other students, guided by a Teacher. A cup of coffee costs between £2.00 and £5.00.
  • Film and Pizza Evening – Each Tuesday we hold a film and pizza afternoon. This is held within the school and a film is decided amongst students. Pizza is ordered from a local Pizza shop and costs £5.00 per student (minimum of 4 students). The film without pizza is free.

As well as these fixed activities, we talk to students about what activities they want to do. These are then run by a group leader within the school and students should sign up and pay at reception. Prices are always kept as low as possible; speak to a member of staff for current prices.

These can include:

Amongst many more!

We talk to students regularly about what activities we can hold. If you feel that you want to visit somewhere and it would be a good activity, please talk to reception and we are happy to help.