English language school in Cardiff

Welcome to Capital School of English, Cardiff! Our school is located in the heart of Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Capital is a friendly, family-run English language school just minutes from Cardiff city centre, historic Cardiff Castle and lovely Bute Park. From the day you enter the school, you will receive a professional, friendly and focused service from everybody at Capital. Our academic staff are specialists in their field and know how to make sure that your lessons are fun, relevant and memorable. Accredited by the British Council, Capital School of English is a great place to study English in a great city!

Why study in Cardiff?

As the capital and largest city in Wales, Cardiff has worldwide appeal. Visitors come for the nightlife, the culture, the events, the beautiful parks, the multi-cultural restaurants, top-class entertainment and quality shopping, as well as to study. The city centre is full of small, independent shops and pretty shopping arcades as well as famous British high street brands.

Cardiff has a lot to offer but it is also more compact, friendlier and cheaper than many British cities. You can walk from the school to the city centre in a few minutes and public transport takes you everywhere. The people of Cardiff are famous for their warmth and the welcome they give to visitors. If you do get lost, there is usually a friendly passer-by who is happy to help!

Why study in Wales?

Wales is a country which forms a part of the union of countries known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Wales is to the west of England, with the capital city, Cardiff, about 2 hours from the capital of England, London. Wales is a little bigger than Kuwait, about the same size as Slovenia and about half the size of Switzerland. The country is famous for its countryside with national parks, mountains, beaches, hills, valleys and forests. It has over 500 castles, local and national festivals that celebrate music, food, drink, art and literature.

Studying English in Wales means you can see a different side of the UK. About 170,000 students study here every year, from over 150 different countries. So why not learn about two different countries at the same time? Come and visit us in beautiful Wales so we can say Croeso (Welcome!) to you.

CAPITAL in numbers

In 2019, we welcomed students from 41 different countries!
In 2019, our youngest students were 12 and the oldest was 64
In 2019, our average class size was between 6 and 8 students

Why study at Capital?

The Capital team has experienced teachers, staff and managers at every level. We work hard to keep students motivated and to give you the personal attention that will make Capital School your home from home. All our English teachers are skilled individuals with a range of teaching experience. All our teachers hold a relevant teaching qualification and, more importantly, teach English because they love doing it. The Capital administration team are always on hand to make sure that the Capital experience is as relaxed and happy as possible.

Capital students 2019

Fully accredited

Capital was fully accredited by the British Council in January 2015. You can be confident that our English language school provides the highest quality learning experience.

Capital students 2019


Capital School of English offers something different. The school is run by a family which means we can offer our students a more personal learning experience.

Accommodation at Capital School of English Cardiff


Stay with a local family during your time in the UK. Learn about British language and culture while making new friends with a friendly and helpful family.



Capital School of English courses are designed to give you the firm foundation you need in the knowledge and skills in English and, above all, to give you confidence to enable you to achieve your aims. The courses will help develop effective reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, together with the grammar that underpins all four skills.