Welcome to 2020!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2020 and to our new website! We hope you had a fabulous holiday time with your families. Perhaps you learned a lot of interesting new things about Christmas in the UK and how we celebrate it here. We’d love to hear from you if you did.

New website!

We have updated our website for 2020. To be honest, it needed some love! We’ve decided to run the site on WordPress so that the whole Capital team can take control of it and make it better for our community. This will help us to communicate with our audience better. Our new hosts are the wonderful people at 34SP in Manchester.

New coursebook!

English File

The new coursebook for the Winter 2020 term (6th January – 27th March 2020) will be the brand new edition of English File. This is the exciting 4th edition of the book which has lots of opportunities for learners including access to an e-learning platform so students can continue studies outside their lessons!

New pages

We have some cool new pages on the site. The testimonials page has been updated with some new comments from past students. We also have a new events page to keep you posted on what’s happening in and around Cardiff! We will be looking to generally update and refresh the whole site through the year and getting it looking great for the New Year! An updated gallery page is coming soon as well!

Talk to us!

Please communicate with us from our blog if you like our posts and want to start a conversation. We love hearing from our English learners but we also want to make new friends as well. So feel free to leave a message! We’d love to hear from you!