Capital School Accreditations

CAPITAL school accreditations consist of British Council accreditation, English UK membership and Bildingsurlaub recognition.

British Council

British Council accreditation means that we have been inspected and approved as a reliable establishment. The inspection is repeated every four years. The school was last inspected in June 2019 and passed its inspection. The Accreditation Scheme assesses the standards of management, resources and premises, teaching and welfare and accredits organisations which meet the overall standards in each area inspected.

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English UK member

English UK is the world’s leading language teaching association with around 400 accredited members, including private language schools, educational trusts and charities and language centres in further education colleges and universities. All our members are accredited by the British Council under the Accreditation UK scheme, which is managed by the British Council in partnership with English UK.

English UK is the world’s leading language teaching association. Only British Council accredited institutions can become members of English UK. Students can seek help from English UK if they are dissatisfied with the way the academy deals with a complaint.

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Bildungsurlaub is a scheme in Germany which  allows employees by law to attend courses on special kinds of topics during their working time – up to 5 days per year. To enable this, courses and institutions need to be recognized for Bildungsurlaub. Capital School of English has Bildungsurlaub recognition so to our German speaking friends we say – “Kommen Sie nach Cardiff, um mit uns Englisch zu lernen!”

Cambridge ESOL

Cambridge ESOL offers the world’s leading range of certificates for learners and teachers of English – taken by over 3 million people in 130 countries. They help people gain entrance to university or college, improve job prospects or measure progress in English. More than 11,000 employers, universities and government bodies around the world recognise Cambridge ESOL qualifications.

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