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Capital School of English exam courses are designed to give you the confidence you need to tackle your next English exam. Prepare with expert teachers who know how to get great results from students!

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Capital School of English exam preparation courses are designed to give you the firm foundation you need to pass your next English language exam.

Our exam preparation classes will make use of the latest course books to help you to build the language skills you need for success. Our teachers will help you improve your language skills within the context of your chosen exam. You will receive training in how to deal with an exam situation and specific strategies for dealing with different parts of the exam. Your teacher will give you regular feedback about how prepared you are for the test.

The class sizes are Capital are relatively small unlike many schools. This means that the lessons can be more personalised to your specific needs, which means that you can make more progress in the areas that you need to focus on. You also get more teacher time and more feedback when you study like this!

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