General English Courses

Capital’s General English courses are an excellent way to improve your English skills, for any purpose. They can help if your goals are to communicate more confidently in English, or if you want to improve your job prospects, or if you want to study for a language exam, or at university. Improved General English skills are the foundation you need for all specialist English and Exam courses.

About General English

Our General English courses are designed to help you communicate more effectively in English. They will help you improve your English for work purposes, for future university studies, for general communication in the UK or travel abroad. Many of our GE students later prepare for a Cambridge or IELTS exam and strong General English skills makes success in these exams much easier. Whether your course lasts only one week or much longer, our teachers will enable you to

  • understand and use more grammatical structures with greater accuracy
  • use a wider range of vocabulary
  • speak more clearly, with greater confidence and greater fluency
  • write more accurately and more expressively
  • understand spoken and written English of different styles in more detail
  • study more effectively in class, after class and for the rest of your life

All long term students receive a copy of a carefully chosen English course book. Most of your language improvement, however, will come from the teachers’ abilities to

  • input relevant information and advice about language and language learning
  • devise and choose engaging activities for all learners
  • recycle language in different ways to help you remember things better
  • make lessons fun and relevant
  • encourage better spoken English from you at every opportunity
  • use a range of different teaching techniques and styles depending on your needs

Fees include

  • Placement test with speaking test
  • A course book (for full-time courses 3 weeks or longer)
  • Additional classroom materials, if relevant
  • Homework and weekly assignments
  • Regular feedback on progress
  • End of course report and certificate
  • Help and advice with further studies

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Course details


Any Monday



Max Class Size


Minimum age

16 years old
(written parental consent is required for students under 18)

Timetable options

GE16 (mornings only)

GE22 (mornings and afternoons)

GEPM6 (afternoons only)

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Timetable options

16 hours
per week

This mornings-only study option has 16 hours of class time a week.

22 hours
per week

The morning and afternoon option has 22 hours of class time a week.

6 hours
per week

This afternoons-only option has 6 hours of class time a week.

General English fees

Number of weeks 1-6 7-12 13+
(AM only)
£270 per week £255 per week £245 per week
£340 per week £325 per week £310 per week
(PM only)
£90 per week £85 per week £80 per week
General English / IELTS £340 per week £325 per week £310 per week
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