One-to-one tuition

Learn more effectively by studying individually and getting your learning needs addressed directly!

About one-to-one tuition

All of our one-to-one tuition courses are planned and constructed with care and attention to the needs of our learners, but if you need a special course we can tailor one to meet your needs. This will enable you to precisely meet all your learning objectives in a more efficient way than studying in a group in the classroom.

You can receive individual tuition as well as your General English course on a 1:1 basis. The number of hours of the course will depend on how many hours you feel that you need, and this will be agreed between you and your personal tutor. Any student at the school is able to apply for one-to-one tuition, so if you feel like you need a little bit of extra help writing reports, understanding banking or business documents or even just extra help with study skills, then you might want to consider individual tuition.

One-to-one tuition pin points areas for improvement and provides opportunity to work on individual needs. Classes take place at the student’s convenience, either at the school, in the student’s home or workplace. Student and teacher negotiate an individual learning plan with a flexible approach that ensures tuition meets the student’s needs and requirements. This is the optimum form of learning for many individuals!

  • Personalise your learning
  • Select times to suit your schedule
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Make progress quickly

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Any Monday



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One-to-one fees

60 minutes per class

Weeks Price
1 £60 
2-6 £57
7-12 £54
13+ £52
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