Online English lessons

zoom-for-educationIf you are not able to come to the school to study, why not try one of our Online Course options? We offer courses for individuals, for groups, and focusing on exam preparation, Business English or General English.

Capital School of English teachers use our usual expertise and carefully chosen resources, with the amazing Zoom software. Zoom is easy to use and lets you see the teacher and other students in the class. You can chat to your classmates, participate in pair-work activities and ask the teacher specific questions. It is a fully interactive learning that is as enjoyable as the classroom experience. With Zoom a teacher can share video with you in lessons and you can hear clear audio from the teacher’s computer for listening practice. Read our Zoom guide here.

Each lesson is 1 hour in length.

Bookings for online lessons are subject to a reduced one-off enrolment fee of £50 per student.

Included with all confirmed bookings:

  • Placement test
  • Pre-course familiarization session (including technical support) on request and subject to availability
  • Regular feedback on progress
  • End of course report/ certificate

Online Option 1: Individual lessons

Study English online in the most effective way possible with 1-1 attention from your teacher. This provides opportunities to work on your specific needs according to a student-driven learning plan. This option can be used to improve your General English skills, or to help prepare for a Cambridge or IELTS exam.

Number of lessons Total price
5 £175
10 £300

Online Option 2: Corporate individual lessons

1 -1 lessons for employed students who need to develop their workplace English skills. You may choose to focus on Business English, English for Specific Purposes or General (communicative) English. Your lessons must be booked and paid for by your employer.

Contact us for package rates for multiple students.

Number of lessons Total price
5 £250
10 £450

Online Option 3: Join a Timetabled Class

Study English with other students whose needs are the same as yours. By joining one of our existing online classes, you will meet students from different parts of the world and learn English together. Our Online Timetabled Classes have set times that run every day of the week for regular language instruction and practice. We run courses for General English, IELTS and Cambridge Exam preparation. There is a minimum of 3 students in a class and a maximum of 6.

Number of lessons Total price
5 £75
10 £125
20 £200

Online Option 4: Closed Groups

Study with a group of friends or colleagues who have similar language needs. Class times and frequency are set by mutual agreement. Lessons will focus on developing the language skills necessary to meet the group’s goals, whether that is preparing for an exam such as IELTS or Cambridge B2, or improving general communication skills. Bookings are made on a group basis and we accept a maximum of 8 individuals in each group.

Number of lessons Total price
5 £300
10 £600
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