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Testimonials from Capital students talking about their experience of studying here in Cardiff with our teachers.

“Fantastic, excellent teachers”

I went to this school to study twice. They are fantastic, excellent teachers, they are all kind and helpful. A special mention goes to Sally, very nice and ready to solve any problem. I have studied English in various places but this school is the best.

Giulia | student | Italy

“Always support the students”

I study here and I was very happy with everything! Everyone is so friendly, helpful, always support the students! I have a amazing teacher, she always give me the best advices, so professional! Big thanks for everyone there! A good experience for me and my future!

Alexandra | student | Italy

“Truly hope to see you again”

It was a pleasure being part of your school and your community. I learned a lot of course but also made new friends. I really enjoyed my 6 months there and truly hope to see you again.

Freddie | professional footballer | Belgium

“I felt very welcome”

When I first arrived in Cardiff. I did not speak English at all and when I went to the Capital school I felt very welcome. Sally known as my Welsh mom was amazing. James always reliable and kind. All staff such as Alex and Alun are specialists in making you feel confident. Such talented teachers, especially Scott with his big sense of humour and very patient Lorraine. I really had a good time. The best school ever!

Dani | student | Brazil

“Truly recommend this school”

A cozy and friendly school which is unique in its field. It is the best place for people from other countries who want to improve their skills in English. Professional and lovely teachers are always close to you, making you feel comfortable. I truly recommend this school as it is the best foundation for someone who wants to study or work in Cardiff.

Argyro | student | Greece

“A really great experience”

I sent my two kids for a 3 weeks stage. James and the whole staff are fantastic, very well organized and caring of all the students. Hosting families are warm and welcoming – very kind and careful. My kids had a really great experience and met friends from all over the world. Highly recommended!!!!

Arianna | student | Italy

“Wonderful activities”

I’ve never enjoyed in a school more than this school, it’s absolutely amazing school with a lovely team and wonderful activities. If you’re looking for an English school, congratulations you’ve found the best one here!!

Majed | student | Oman

“Teachers were so friendly and professional”

I studied at this school. It was amazing, the teachers were so friendly and professional. I have so many friend and memories were created by this school. Love you all and wish you all the best.

Jumana | student | Iran

“Had a fabulous time”

I studied at Capital School of English four years ago, and I’m still very happy & proud with my precious experience. I had a fabulous time with the loveliest team ever!! very helpful teachers and colleagues, always ready to help and push you up to do your best. What’s more exciting is that I’m still in contact with them until now! and looking forward to visit my school soon! Love you Capital School of English, you made valuable memories :)

Reem | student | Saudi Arabia

“Excellent preparation of the teachers”

I happened by chance at the Capital School of English in Cardiff, at a difficult time in my life. I didn’t know what to expect, I just needed a place to stay, and now I can say that this was the best thing that could have happened to me. Not just a school, but a friendly, peaceful, family environment. What I needed. I can’t help but thank these people who helped me and who, even now that I am no longer their student, welcome me with a smile on their face making me feel welcome all the time. A school that does not see its students as “money” but as people, is really a school that is worth it. We must mention the excellent preparation of the teachers, what is expected of a school, with fun and absolutely not boring lessons! Thank you Capital School!

Filomena | student | Italy

“Host families are well selected”

This school has great advantages starting with the teachers who work there. They strive for us to learn in the most natural way. We have at our disposal many activities and excursions that give us a spontaneous language in English. The closeness of the management team makes you feel at home. Being in a loving and trusting environment has been fundamental for me to feel happy there. Thank you personally to Sally who has made us enjoy a lot. On the other hand the host families are well selected because they invest their time in you and treat you as one more in the family. I have been able to enjoy with them various social events they have had. I recommend this school for its professionalism, seriousness and welcome.

Javier | student | Spain

“Lessons are always interesting”

The capital school is an amazing school. Teachers are really good, dedicated and professional. The staff cares about students and they really want the best for them. I’ve been there twice in two years and I’ll be back again as soon as possible to improve my English. I’m very happy to suggest to go to Capital School because there is a positive environment and lessons are always interesting and funny. Moreover, there are a lot of activities to do during the week where you can make new friends and meeting new cultures. I’ll always be grateful to this school and to mamma Sally!

Enrico | student | Italy

“The system that they use to teach is great”

I had a great time in the school. The students made me enjoy everyday, even I had bad days. They always make you laugh. I was so comfortable working there, the atmosphere was so nice. And Sally and Rusne were nice as well. Always making me feel like at home. Obviously I think the teachers are all so so good. The system that they use to teach is great. I have to say that my teacher David was maybe the best teacher I’ve had in my life. I could notice he likes teaching and he’s always with his smile and good mood trying to explain us the WONDERFUL English grammar, and always with endless activities or games to play. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity! It was so nice to join Capital School of English. I recommend it for sure!

Carmen | student | Spain

“Best part of my life”

I’m going to talk about any school in the world. Learning is an essential part of everyone’s lives, regardless of age. Adults learn much differently than children and teenagers. There are many ways to learn, but in this school is definitely different here you’re gonna be inside a family, here is very fantastic teachers, Managers and receptionists, here you can make a new beautiful family from a lot of countries, you should to be here, because it was “my best part of my life”.

Saleh | student | United Arab Emirates

“Unforgettable 3 months of my life”

This is definitely one of the best English schools I have ever studied at , it was an unforgettable 3 months of my life I wouldn’t finish. I felt that i am home there , especially to see mama Sally everyday. The staff were lovely and highly qualified I felt the that i was with my family. Love u Capital school Cardiff.

Faisal | student | Kuwait

“Would love to do it again”

I enjoyed studying in capital school, lovely teachers and students, respectful staff, I loved the atmosphere, my English has been developed in a short period, it was a great experience that I would love to do it again.

Salem | student | Saudi Arabia

“Recommend it to everyone who wants to learn”

I spent a month studying in Capital and living with a lovely family that they looked for me. I can say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made, because I went there with hardly any fluency and immediately I acquired the agility necessary to hold a conversation without blocking myself. Of course, you need to work hard to achieve it, but the level of the teachers and the good atmosphere of the school make that effort translate into results. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn or improve their English but especially to those who need to let go and put into practice what they already know.

Daniel | student | Spain

“Change your school to Capital School”

I have been in Cardiff at capital school for 3 months. I will speak honestly. This school is the best in Cardiff. And they help you to improve your skills especially when you have awareness about change the verb to noun or adverb. My recommendation for everyone – change your school to Capital school in Cardiff!

Jaiz | student | India

“All the staff is very kind and helpful”

I’ve studied here for several months and I can say that I am completely satisfied with the quality of this school! All professors are very competent, their lessons are very dynamic, interesting and fun. Learning is assured and you never get bored! All the staff is very kind and helpful, always smiling and professional. Especially Sally, the manager, is fantastic, always ready to listen and help the students. In addition, the school organizes many moments of aggregation and fun, in Cardiff and around the UK, so you can spend amazing moments with other students (here I’ve meet friends very special). What to say more? The best school ever, I miss you!

Maria | student | Spain

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